Bunglin' Bundy

Bunglin' Bundy
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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Thanks For the Memories, Shoobies! (Not Really)

Finally!! They're gone!!! Most of them, anyway. The majority of the summer tourists have left the building. Praise whoever you usually praise when something good happens to you! I love September.

I realize the tourist trade is what keeps this tiny barrier island afloat but since I don't profit a penny from their infiltration I have no tolerance for their overpopulation of my town.

I will never understand the appeal of riding a bicycle down a heavily trafficked main street during summer vacation.Who thinks its fun to take a chance with one's physical well being? Not to mention the emotional toll being called "blood sucking Shoobies" (or worse) can take on one's psyche?  I can see the allure of riding a bike along the edge of the ocean on the boardwalk in the early hours of the morning. But not EN MASSE, which is the way it's apparently done if you're from Pennsylvania and your window of opportunity for bike riding is going to close on you by the end of the week. Or the end of your vacation. But how, in the name of all that is hokey, can you call riding on the boardwalk in the middle of a crowd of cyclists, drunk surrey cart peddlers, skateboarders, scooterers (a word I just coined) and a handful of the physically fit trying to run in and out of all the above FUN?

You know what's fun? YOU doing all that in your own town!

So, thanks, Shoobies. I went shopping today and it was pure bliss. No fighting with shopping carts randomly left in the middle of the aisle with the cart driver nowhere to be seen. No cacophony of screaming children, no prolonged wait at the cashier. Just a handful of  locals humming and grinning in a store that allows room to breathe.  Everyone is happy that you're gone. I'm not alone in my  wicked glee!!

I'm not sorry you're gone, Shoobs, but I will be very sorry to see you return next summer. So, for now, I'm going to fully utilize my town while you're still out of it! And just a little suggestion for next year: leave the friggin bikes HOME!

Til then.